Bettors ask for refunds after debacle results in outright win for Seattle

Posted: September 25, 2012 in NFL
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When Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate apparently hauled in the last-second touchdown amidst three Green Bay Packers, to win the game at CenturyLink Field on Monday night, the ripple effect included Las Vegas and Offshore Sports Books.

Green Bay closed a 3-point favorite over Seattle, with scattered 3-1/2s out and about, but thanks to a controversial call by the NFL’s replacement referees, the Seahawks won outright, 14-12. The total closed around 45.5 while the moneyline was +150 or +155 at most places.

If ruled an interception by Packers safety M.D. Jennings, the Packers win by five and cover the spread.

Forget about the time NFL games have taken to conclude, and forget about the mechanics and flow of a football game, now most believe the replacement refs have cost a playoff-contending – a Super Bowl-contending – team a victory.

I’m not sure I necessarily believe that last statement (hint: look for another Blog later today), but the reality is we have a real issue with a group of officials who undoubtedly are doing the best they can, yet are taking the onslaught of criticism.

“Not only last night, what’s re-ocurring, the referees have lost control of the game,” former coach and ESPN analyst Herman Edwards said Tuesday morning during the Mike and Mike show. “They seem to me like a rookie quarterback.

“The officials do not contol these games.”

Unfortunately, in a world of sports betting, they’re unassumedly controlling the outcome of how tickets are being cashed, or shredded. Some might say with the replacement refs on the field, the NFL has brushed up against the same integrity the NBA emits. After all, when you have fans and critics beginning to wonder if your product is on the level, said product suddenly becomes controversial.

Michael Lawton, Senior Resarch Analyst for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, told me personally this morning via phone interview: “We haven’t received any complaints or calls from last night’s game.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean sports bettors didn’t want their money back.

“We had about a dozen people asking for refunds,” spokeman Mike Perry said. “(It) ended up being good for (the) book, as 75 percent of the money was on Packers (minus the points).”

And while many believe the Packers won that game on the field, it was a loss on paper. An outright loss.

“This is the biggest turnaround on a bet like this, since Ohio State beat Miami in the BCS title game in overtime thanks to a late pass interference call that didn’t appear to be pass interference at all,” Perry said.

Known as “The Call,” Perry was referring to the pass interference call by football official Terry Porter in the 2002 BCS national championship game. Quarterback Craig Krenzel fired the ball to Chris Gamble, who was tussling with Miami cornerback Glenn Sharpe. The ball was incomplete, and when Sharpe turned to line judge Derick Bowers just a few feet away and didn’t see a penalty flag thrown, he and the rest of the Hurricanes began celebrating back-to-back national titles.

Moments later, Porter tossed his flag from the back corner of the end zone for pass interference – approximately three to four seconds after the play ended. Ohio State went on to score a touchdown three plays later and went on to win the national title in double-overtime, making “The Call” one of the most controversial in college football history.

Ohio State was a 12-point underdog in that game, and ended up winning outright, 31-24.

Next up: Thursday night’s AFC North game in Baltimore, where the Ravens are laying -13 points to the Cleveland Browns at The total is 43. Game props haven’t been posted, and though Perry has confirmed there have been no penalty props discussed, there has been discussion about putting up a: “Will Regular Refs Return to NFL before the first Week 5 game?”


Will you be betting? Tweet me @CJSports2 with your thoughts on all of this.


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