Today marks one week of one of the most hectic seven days I’ve ever experienced in 27 years of sports journalism. It also marks the beginning of another one.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Bishop Gorman-graduate Shabazz Muhammad and Glenn Robinson III power under the basket for the Timberwolves.

Between providing analytical content for sports-betting websites, covering the NBA and high school summer baseball, I honestly am not sure how I was able to fit gym time in – or be motivated to even go – but I supposed I have my fitness-physique competing son to thank for that.

Thank God for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, otherwise I’d never get any time off. The day before and two days after the Midsummer Classic are the only days of the calendar year you won’t find anything intriguing to bet on, thus I don’t have to provide analysis for Granted, you can bet on the WNBA, and even Summer League hoops, but it’s not of any interest for the people I deal with.

That’s fine by me, cause then I can enjoy my annual three days off.

That’s no typo – I get three days off a year. No vacations. I work New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Toss in everyone’s birthday we celebrate – you name it. Sure, I’ve taken trips, but I worked every one of ’em.

The day I got married, I was sippin’ Patron and writing sports-betting analysis. Honeymoon, sippin’ wine and writing sports-betting analysis. Trips to New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Jamaica… I was sippin’ something and writing sports betting analysis.

Could be a good reason I’m separated, but that’s a whole other blog.

But this past week was pretty damn hectic, given the nature and urgency of the subjects I was covering.

Last Wednesday I was summoned to the LeBron James Skills Academy, with hopes Cleveland’s reborn hero would show up for a moment or two. He did. Hopping around four different courts to play alongside some of the top high school basketball players in the nation. On Thursday, raced out to Clark High School to interview New York Knicks president Phil Jackson, as he finally spoke on the Carmelo Anthony situation. At the time, ‘Melo was unsigned.

Backtrack for a moment with me, to Monday, when I took a one-day assignment to cover the Cavaliers for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and I was to cover the showdown between last month’s top two picks in the NBA Draft: Cleveland’s No. 1 Andrew Wiggins and Milwaukee’s No. 2 Jabari Parker. The game was on Friday.

Friday morning, the LeBron bomb dropped. That’s when thing intensified.


Cleveland Cavaliers No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins works on his spot-up drills during a practice session at Desert Oasis High School.

Getting reaction quotes, and trying to interview the one person every member of the media wanted to interview was wild. Cavaliers coach David Blatt went from first-year coach with the No. 1 pick (Wiggins), to LeBron’s next coach. Need I go on? I was retained for the next three days, covering the Cavaliers, and also had to do a follow-up with Jackson, for The Associated Press, once Anthony agreed to terms with the Knicks. I also contacted Glenn Robinson III’s hometown paper and agreed to a deal for a feature story on him, now that he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Monday rolled around and I was making phone calls and messaging with parents for results from the final Connie Mack games of the regular season, so I could write my preview for the Las Vegas Review Journal, which ran in Tuesday’s paper and online at

Here we are seven days later, and I’m gearing up for another run, chock full of diversity: Connie Mack State Tournament through Saturday, the NBA Summer League is still going through Monday, the sports-betting analysis starts back up on Friday and when it’s all said and done, I will get ready to cover Team USA’s basketball team, as it preps for the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

So even over my prized three days off from the sports-betting gig I’ve done for 14 years, you better believe I’m doing something – sippin’ on something, writing about sports.

– W.G. Ramirez


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