College Football Playoff Forecast

Posted: September 17, 2014 in General, NCAAF
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By Jesse Granger

In a week where big-time matchups were few and far between, it’s tough for a team to improve their standing much. While there is little room for upward mobility in a week like this, there is plenty of room to fall in the other direction, as half of my picks from last week found out.
College Football Playoff Teams

1. Oregon Ducks (3-0) AP #2, Coaches #3

Oregon welcomed the Wyoming Cowboys to Autzen Stadium this weekend, and wasted three hours.  The Ducks came out of the gates predictably uninspired.  I mean, who would be pumped up about playing Wyoming? While the Cowboys did enter the game undefeated, they were obviously in over their heads.

The Ducks cruised to a 48-14 win in which the starters watched the fourth quarter like the rest of us.  An unimpressive performance to say the least, but it could have been worse, just look at the rest of last week’s picks.
2. LSU Tigers (3-0) AP #8, Coaches #8

The Tigers from Baton Rouge move up from third to second, but through no doing of their own.

LSU shut out UL Monroe 31-0 for its second straight shutout.  The Tigers have outscored their last two opponents by a combined 87-0, and outgained them 956 yards to 299.  And none of that means anything considering those two opponents should have never been allowed within 100 feet of LSU’s schedule.  The only reason for LSU’s bump up is Georgia’s 38-35 loss to South Carolina.
3. Texas A&M Aggies (3-0) AP #6, Coaches #7

One SEC team falls out of the top four, and another jumps in.  While the Aggies weren’t particularly impressive this Saturday, trampling Rice 38-10, their week one-win over South Carolina just got that much more impressive after the Gamecocks upset win over my previous No. 2 team.

Kenny Hill, or has his parents have trademarked “Kenny Trill”, has been nothing short of spectacular.  The first year starter has completed nearly 70-percent of his passes, while already breaking the 1,000-yard barrier and tossing 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions.
4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (3-0) AP #9, Coaches #9

You might be asking yourself, “Why is Notre Dame here? Who have they beaten?”  The Fighting Irish have looked impressive against Rice, Michigan and Purdue, none of which are title contenders.  They also aren’t some technical school in rural Montana, which is what half of the country is playing at this point.

Notre Dame has played two straight teams with talented rosters, and looked by far the better team in both contests.  The Irish will have plenty of time to prove themselves, but for now I have them in.
Just Missed The Cut

Oklahoma Sooners (3-0) AP #4, Coaches #4

The Sooners actually impressed me this week. The Tennessee Vols are far from a great team, but they are young with a talented roster and are on the upswing right now, and Oklahoma destroyed them Saturday night.
Baylor Bears (2-0) AP #7, Coaches #6

Baylor’s offense looked like Baylor’s offense against Buffalo.  It wasn’t an impressive win, but there weren’t many this week.  I’m more concerned with Heisman candidate Bryce Petty’s health, which looked like it’s back.

South Carolina Gamecocks (2-1) AP #14, Coaches #16

I will preface by saying this – I don’t think South Carolina has a snow ball’s chance in hell at making the playoff.  The Gamecocks have simply earned this spot by being maybe the only team in all of college football to begin the season with three good opponents.  Back-to-back wins over a solid Eastern Carolina team and rival Georgia are good, but not quite good enough to erase that opening day molly-whopping Texas A&M put on them.  This is likely the highest I will rank them as long as there are undefeated teams out there.
Dropped Out

USC Trojans- Lost 37-31 to Boston College

Georgia Bulldogs- Lost 38-35 to South Carolina


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