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I’ve covered and attended just about every sport possible.

And I can tell you there is still nothing like Fight Night in Las Vegas. Back in the day, when I was covering the beat regularly, it was the heavyweights that dominated the neon lights on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Now, Floyd Mayweather electrifies Sin City like no other.

Tonight in my own backyard, at the MGM Grand Garden, Mayweather returns to the ring to take on Robert Guerrero. And though in any other sport I’d never advise laying a price like this, understand THIS is Boxing, and you lay a price with the smart fighter when need be. Pretty Boy Floyd originally opened up as high as -900 at most places, but due to the media hype on Guerrero, the line has come down thanks to the SUCKER SQUARE BETTORS playing the underdog.

I have it on good authority the wiseguys and sharps are playing Floyd Mayweather tonight, and they should.

I know he is 36 years old, and I know there are some who like to believe he has ring rust, but you have to understand the man you’re dealing with here. Forbes magazine recently named Mayweather the highest-paid athlete overall. You know why? Cause he hand picks his opponents, and manages himself better than anyone else. He’s as shrewd a businessman as he is a tactician in the ring.

“I’m in the sport to go down as the best and I’m not going into a fight thinking I’m beatable,” Mayweather said this past week.


Don’t think for a moment he’s lost his edge at 36, not when he has Floyd Sr,. and uncle Roger training him. I’ve been to Floyd’s facility, and I’ve seen the workouts he puts in. I’ve watched him fight in person, and I’ve listened to him speak.

Mayweather has at least five good fights left in him. Guerrero, he’s good. But he ain’t Mayweather good. I don’t care what the so-called experts say. Far as I’m concerned, these guys have done a damn good job as shills for Golden Boy Promotions, in saying Guerrero is the best shot at beating the Money Team.

Guerrero has appeared nervous all week, if you ask me. Call it nervous energy if you like, call it what you want, I don’t think he believes he’s as ready as he says he is, and is more apprehensive than you might think.

Guerrero’s father didn’t do his kid any favors this past week, either, shooting off his mouth at a press conference by repeatedly shouting ‘woman-beater’ in reference to Mayweather’s reason for incarceration last year. Trust me, kid Guerrero looked uncomfortable as his father went off, and it added pressure to the 30-year-old southpaw.

Whether he was trying to sell tickets or Pay-Per-View buys, or sincerely thinks his son is “gonna beat that woman beater down,” I enjoyed seeing Mayweather’s coy smile while he sat on his smart phone during the diatribe.

Calmly, during an interview on CBSSportsNet afterward, Mayweather said he had nothing to say about the tirade, as he is an older and wiser man, and would let his fighting do the talking in the ring.

“I try not to worry about that, I go out there and do what I got to do,” Mayweather said. “That’s keep my composure, box and listen to the game plan. It’s been a long and very comfortable camp. I’m happy and I’m pretty sure my team is happy.”

Hey, I’m happy. Floyd Mayweather is back in the ring in my hometown, and I get to watch it with my son.

And once that bell rings, you can forget about the calm, older, wiser Mayweather, as I completely expect to see that Money Team, bad-boy persona that has kept him undefeated in 43 fights.

I’m laying the money with The Money Team, as I like Floyd to win this bout.